The Silicone Scrubber > A Dirty Loofah


It’s a creative title, I know.  Only took a few minutes to come up with — no big deal..

My intent with this post is to elaborate on this point and back up the notion that loofahs are a breeding ground for bacteria.  While that’s been a known fact for years, loofahs are still highly prevalent in the shower/bath setting and the bacteria truthers are LOVING it!

Some quick bullet points:

  • A quick google search will get you countless articles on why and how loofahs accumulate different negative bacterium — here’s a study done by people smarter than me  strictly analyzing the different bacteria found on loofahs.  There’s a lot bigger words in the reading, however, the bottom line was that there was bacteria EVERYWHERE — big name bacteria that I wouldn’t be able to spell, but it’s pretty gross if you think about it.  Don’t be fooled by the foo foo colors and pretty designs:

Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 12.02.59 PM.png

Image result for jim carrey gag gif

  • A side note: One solution out there is a silicone face scrubber that the manufacture puts a battery in and calls it sonic pulsations.

Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 12.09.14 PM.png

  • It’s a nifty idea and probably works better than just pressing it on your face…or you can scrub your face with it without the battery power + excess price of up $200 on some websites.  To each their own.

Again, I wanted to post this because, what once began as a product we offered as a kitchen sponge replacement, we later learned that we stumbled upon a loofah replacement as well for the same sanitary reasons that it trumps your traditional kitchen sponge.  I’ve been using the same scrubber in the shower for over a year, clean and dry it when necessary and haven’t looked back — I also think it looks cooler than a loofah  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .